Patrol Service

Patrol Division Staff & Responsibilities

Major BakerPatrol Services is the largest division within the Police Department. It is commanded by Major James Baker. Major Baker oversees three (3) lieutenants, nine (9) sergeants, and forty-six (46) patrol officers. The division is divided by time of day into three (3) shifts: First Shift – 0700 – 1500 hours; Second Shift – 1500 – 2300; and Third Shift – 2300 – 700 hours. Its primary responsibility is to provide uniformed law enforcement service to the community.

Uniformed police officers are generally the first contact a citizen has with a law enforcement agency. Initial contacts will frequently leave the citizen with a lasting impression of the department and it is our intent to make that impression a positive one. Our goal is to provide the highest quality law enforcement service in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

Patrol Services also oversees Communications, Corrections, and Parking Enforcement.