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Utility Customer Service

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1. My house is vacant and I did not use any water. Why did I receive a utility bill?
2. What is the “contract fee” charge that appears on my bill each month?
3. My water has been shut off because I was unable to pay in time. What will I have to pay to have the water turned on.
4. I forgot someone needed to be home when the water was turned on. They left a door hanger saying they had stopped. What will happen
5. I am a renter and I pay the water bill. I need an extension to pay this month’s bill; is this possible?
6. I had a previous balance on this month’s bill and I see an additional $10 labeled “Late Payment Penalty” on my bill. What is this for?
7. What holidays will affect my garbage/recycling pickup days?
8. Can the city come out and locate my water lines?
9. Why are my Sewer charges higher than my water charges?