I am interested in becoming a Lima Firefighter. How do I apply?
All hiring is done through the Lima Civil Service Board. In order to be considered for employment you must first fill out an application with the Lima Civil Service Board. Notices will be published in the local newspaper and posted at various locations when applications are being accepted. The due date for applications to be turned in will be posted along with the location, date and time of the Civil Service Test. All necessary qualifications you must meet will also be listed. Currently, you must be between the age of 18 and 31 at the time of appointment. If you pass the written portion of the test, you will be scheduled for an oral interview with members of the Civil Service Board. A final score is tabulated and you are placed on a Civil Service list. This list, which is good for one year and usually extended one year, is forwarded to the Chief of the Lima Fire Department. When positions are ready to be filled, applicants are called in for interviews with LFD personnel. You will have to pass a background check, a medical physical, a physical agility test and possible further interviews before a final selection is made.

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6. I am interested in becoming a Lima Firefighter. How do I apply?
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