Report a Concern

The City of Lima is continuing to improve our abilities to meet the needs of all residents.

Should a Problem Require Urgent Attention, Please Call Us Immediately.

For a police or fire emergency, dial 911. Otherwise, call (419) 228-5462(LIMA).

To report a concern to the Lima Police Department.

Please remember if your concern is a police emergency, please dial 911.

If your concern is not a police emergency but is occurring right now, and needs immediate police attention, please call the LPD Dispatch Center at (419) 227-4444.

To report a Website error or request a new Notify Me category to the Website Admin.

To request an Incident Report from the Lima Fire Department

CONNECT LIMA / SeeClickFixSeeClickFix Graphic Opens in new window

The City of Lima has partnered with a 3rd Party Provider,, to provide citizens and businesses with a method for reporting issues within the city. 

It is an online web and mobile application that can be used to request assistance with City services or to report non-emergency issues, such as potholes, graffiti, broken sidewalks, storm drain issues, traffic signal / sign problems, property code violations, etc. 

Once reported, the city will acknowledge newly submitted issues and forward them to the appropriate city departments to take care of the requests.  You will receive email updates and can check the status of submitted issues.  When the issue is resolved, the issue can be closed.  Separate issues should be submitted as separate SeeClickFix reports.

The SeeClickFix app can be downloaded from your App Store/Play Store.


If you know of a hazardous issue that needs immediate attention (open manhole cover, etc.) or if the issue is a of a time sensitive nature, please give us a call at 419.228.LIMA (5462).

Law enforcement issues (illegal parking or other activities, noise ordinance violations, etc.) need to be reported directly to the Police Department by calling 419.227.4444 (for non-emergencies) or 911 (for emergencies).

If you have questions about using SeeClickFix visit their FAQ page or contact the city at 419.228.LIMA or

How to Use SeeClickFix

SeeClickFix Graphic Opens in new windowIf you'd like to use your computer to report an issue:

  1. Drag the map marker to the location of your issue or type in its address
  2. Choose a category from the drop-down menu that matches your issue and fill out the required fields
  3. Click "Report your Issue"

If you'd like to use your smart phone to report an issue, download the SeeClickFix App using your iPhone, Blackberry, or Android phone.