Building Department

Ohio Building Code Compliance

It is our mission to protect the customer's life, investment, health and welfare by providing quality service through communication, education and assisting customers in compliance with the Ohio Codes.

The Lima/ Allen County Building Department is responsible for enforcing in accordance with the Ohio Building Code and issuing Commercial Building Permits within the unincorporated townships of Allen County and four contract jurisdictions, including Beaverdam, Elida, Harrod and Lafayette. For the building permit process, the department coordinates the approvals required for the issuance of the building permit and the inspections that are required by the various agencies before the Certificate of Occupancy or a Certificate of Completion can be issued. Residential one-, two- and three-family dwellings within the City of Lima Corporation Limits "only" are enforced in accordance with Residential Code of Ohio and issuance of the appropriate permits.

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Office Hours

M-F 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Inspectors are generally in the office between             8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.

Requesting Inspections & Scheduling Meetings

Department staff are available in person, by phone and by email for conferences on code issues. Meetings can easily be arranged with the various agencies involved in the permit process if requested. Email the Building Department with a question or concern.


SAFER Buildings, SAFER Communities, SAFER World

The City of Lima – In May 2020, Lima-Allen County Building Department will participate in the 40th annual Building Safety Month, a worldwide campaign presented by the International Code Council, its members and partners to promote building safety. This year’s campaign, “Safer Buildings, Safer Communities, Safer World,” highlights the importance of building codes for providing a strong and resilient built environment, and regularly updated codes that ensure that communities are protected in the face of disasters.

As we prepare ourselves for the increased severity and frequency of natural disasters, building safety is even more important. Disaster mitigation through the BSM 2020 Graphicadoption and enforcement of building codes is one of the best ways for communities to prepare for and protect against future disasters. Homes and buildings that are built in compliance with building safety codes and the officials who enforce the codes are essential to helping communities minimize the risks of death, injury and property damage in the event of a disaster.

“The men and women that serve as building safety and fire prevention professional are heroes to our communities,” said the Lima-Allen County Building Department, Building Commissioner Amy Harpster. "We work closely with homebuilders, contractors, design professionals, and other industry trades to provide for the public safety of our community."

With an extensive history dating back to 2200 B.C and the Code of the Hammurabi, king of the Babylonian Empire, building codes have protected the public for thousands of years. The regulation of building construction in the United States dates back to the 1700s. Today, the International Codes, developed by the Code Council are the basis for our Ohio Codes. The International Codes are the most widely used and adopted set of building safety codes in the U.S. and around the world.

Learn more about Building Safety Month at or join the
conversation on social media using #BuildingSafety365.

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  1. Contractor Registration
  2. Residential Information
  3. Commercial Information
  4. Electronic Plan Review
  5. Video Inspection Remote (VIR)

Contractor Registration 

To register as a Contractor with the Building Department, the following requirements shall be met:

1. A copy of a valid, un-expired State of Ohio contractors License (HVAC, Electrical, Etc). This requirement does not apply to building contractors. 

2. Certificate of Liability Insurance in the amount of $300,000.00 listing the City of Lima as the holder of the certificate. 

3. Copy of Workers Compensations Certificate. 

4. Registration with the City of Lima Tax Department. 

5. Completed Application. 

6. Payment of a 50.00 (per trade) non-refundable 

Contractor Application

  1. Vendor Licenses
  2. Tracking Permits
  3. Garage Sale Permits
  4. Fire Protection
  5. Planning Code